View Full Version : How to replace points in PCLVisualizer to shape?

3rd October 2019, 11:08
Hello All,

I'm drawing the point cloud data using this library, http://docs.pointclouds.org/1.8.1/classpcl_1_1visualization_1_1_p_c_l_visualizer.htm l

Now I can see point cloud data (In terms of points) on the widgets, but I want to replace all points with another shape (like cross and circle).

I know we can add shapes (line, sphere, arrow, polygon) to widgets, but I don't want to add, I just want to replace all point to a particular shape.

So if anyone has done this or has an idea please suggest me.

Thanks in advance!

3rd October 2019, 17:46
What does this question have to do with Qt? PCL uses VTK as a visualization tool, and VTK is OpenGL-based. You should be asking this question on a PCL forum.

4th October 2019, 06:52
I have asked them also, but I didn't get a reply so far.
I was developing this in Qt, and I have done it completely. Now I just want to distinguish the data from other PCD if I have connected multiple PCD inputs.
And I think if someone has done the same so far, then it might help me.