View Full Version : Grid of tableview with setspan

29th October 2019, 07:06
Hello Everyone,
I am a new in this forum. I am starting using Qt with Qt5. In my project I want to create a table without header and use tableview. I want to show the grid.
I have a success until I merge two cell ( using 'setspan'). When I merge two cell, the peripheral line of the grid of the cell merged is not shown.
Please, I would be grateful if you could help me.

30th October 2019, 00:16
Your screenshot looks like exactly what I would expect to see if I merged each pair of cells in the top two rows of the table. So your code seems to be merging 4 cells into one cell - a 2 x 2 grid becomes one cell. Be sure you are using the correct row and column index numbers in your setspan call.