View Full Version : QtIFW translation subsystem does not work correctly

15th January 2020, 08:50
Good day to all!
Qt Installer Framework (v. 3.2.0) translation subsystem does not work correctly. You can verify this by the "Translation Example", which go along with the QtIFW. Text "This is a dynamically created page" that is assigned to a QLabel (m_pageLabel) on a dynamic page is not translated to de or pl!
How to get around this trouble?

16th January 2020, 06:42
I have found a solution.
After editing the form in the Qt Designer, deleting the problem QLabel and adding it again, the problem disappeared!
Perhaps the form format (from example) is to blame.

16th January 2020, 13:16
I was happy early. Does not work.
Unable to change QLabel text from installscript.qs.

17th January 2020, 09:01
A few months ago I found translations for our installer customization only work if the .qm is exactly named <2-letter-lang>.qm. So for example for a German translation

lrelease our_fancy_de.ts -qm de.qm // not our_fancy_de.qm
and we have to make sure the correct de.qm is present at build time. Not sure this is closely related to your issue.

I considered this a bug at the time. Not sure it persists. Didn't check the example either.