View Full Version : QtCreator seems to have problems with the code model on Ubuntu 20.04

2nd May 2020, 21:49

I am using QtCreator on Ubuntu for application development in C++. I recently upgraded my Ubuntu from 19.10 to 20.04 and now have problems with the IDE (or so it seems...):
- Building the code still works BUT:
- QtCreator complains that stddef.h could not be found (included from <QtCore>)
- the IDE does not seem to to be familiar with namespace std::
- the previously working includes for gstreamer do not work (in the IDE context, compiling and linking do work...) anymore

Does anyone have any hints on fixing this for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

3rd May 2020, 17:40
You probably need to install / reinstall C++ development tools -or- reconfigure your Qt Creator development kit. Possibly your upgrade also updated your development tools and your Qt kit points to the wrong version.

6th May 2020, 16:02

the clang configuration on my machine was the reason for the code model errors. The IDE still complains that stddef.h could not be found, but at least the syntax highlighting works more or less like before (on Ubuntu 19.10) .


9th May 2020, 07:48
I first disabled the Clang Code Model plugin, but this may not really be a solution. Since the qtcreator package has a dependency on libclang1-8, I then installed package clang-8 and reenabled the Clang Code Model plugin. Now QtCreator seems to work again.