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4th December 2020, 21:35
I am trying to make/install QwtPolar on a Windows 10 system. On the nmake I get the following error:

NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '......\Qt\Qt5.14.1\msvc2017_64\include\QWidg3ts\q filedialog.h

Can you provide any insight to this issue?

5th December 2020, 15:41
QWidg3ts\q filedialog.h

I see at least two obvious typos here, so either you can't type or QwtPolar has errors in the code.

The only place in QwtPolar where QFileDialog is used is in qwt_polar_renderer.cpp, and the #include is spelled correctly there, so that eliminates one of the two possibilities.

7th December 2020, 18:54
I can't type. My web access is on a different system than the Qt/qwt/qwtpolar. In all of the makefiles it is spelled correctly and the location is correct.

8th December 2020, 16:54
I am not sure if Uwe still maintains QwtPolar. If you are still having build problems, you should post your question to the Qwt sub-forum of the Qt Programming section of this site, where Uwe will see it.

9th December 2020, 16:56
I have learned in the very near future (like maybe this week) QwtPolar is going to become a part of Qwt.