View Full Version : Increasing performance from Qtextedit, listview, etc?

16th February 2006, 00:45

This isn't really that major of an issue, but I thought I'd ask. I'm currently trying to write huge amounts of text data to qt window but it's not working that great. I've tried qtextedit (the worst), qlistview (not too bad), and qlistbox (best performance). What happens is that it works fine for a little bit, then as the window gets more and more info in it the gui starts to become unresponsive (qt 3.3 btw). Is there any known way to increase performance for the view windows (or maybe there's another display list type that might be better than the 3 above)? Thanks


16th February 2006, 11:20
Maiby will be better use QTable? :rolleyes:
Try look in example table\bigtable.