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23rd May 2007, 01:33

I'll post this question under Qt Designer topic since I assume it's related to it.

1) I remove rm -r ~/.config
2) start my application: all menus fonts, text, are nicely sized, spaced, ...
3) I start qtconfig change default font from 13 to 10: all menus are messed up (menu not wide enough for menu text) groupBox text only partially visible, ...
4) change font back to 13: still messed up: now menu text is back at 13 but still messed up other text stays at 10 (e.g. table contents)

So, only removing the .config file lets my application look correct ?!?!?
Has anyone an idea what is going wrong?

P.S. I'm using qt/designer/qtconfig 4.2.3 on a 64bit RHEL3.0 system

3rd July 2007, 10:53
If you're still facing the problem, could we see some screenshots? Does this happen in all Qt4 based apps or just in the ones you created?

9th July 2007, 19:14
Yes, I still have the problem. I have an old binary compiled with 4.2.3 which behaves normal. After we did major gui changes it's messed up and I'm not able to find the root cause. Here are three examples:

1) remove ~/.config file.
2) change default font San Serif from 13pt to 10pt.
3) change font back to default 13 pt.

All compiled under RHEL4.0, Qt 4.3.0, 64 bit. Tested with different Qt version

9th July 2007, 23:36
Could you post a minimal compilable example reproducing the problem?

23rd July 2007, 16:17
I tried to isolate the GUI from the core to get an example I can post - by doing that I noticed that the GUI alone has no problem - it looks just fine. So, it seems that something in the core is messing up the layout. I keep digging.

1st August 2007, 20:23

QApplication::setFont(QFont(QApplication::font().f amily(),QApplication::font().pointSize()));
seems to fix the problem (as strange as it sounds). /btw only VNC was showing the strange font issues, Exceed seemed fine. I still can't explain why I have a binary which does not show the problems.

8th August 2007, 23:09
I suggest reporting a bug to Trolltech. But first check the TaskTracker, maybe it has already been reported.