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16th February 2006, 10:49
HI all!
I created QTable object in constructor from dialog-based class.

QTable *tableGrafik = new QTable( this, "tableGrafik" );

After some times i'll wanted carry creating table into designer. I create in designer table with the same name - tableGrafik, and comment created table in my constructor. After running, my program crashed on first using of tableGrafik. I try clean project but result the same . Now its more interesting : if i rename tableGrafik on tableGrafik1 in designer and in my code all works good :confused:
Can comeone explain me what happend?

p.s. sorry i post thread in bad branch, pls move my thread to Qt programming branch

16th February 2006, 11:00
ok ...actually i declare QTable *tableGrafik in my *.h file.:D
problem solved

p.s. to admin : i think that its thread is uselessly you can delete it;)