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16th February 2006, 16:29

first, excuse for my english

so, i want to draw polygons in a QPainter or a QCanvas (filled mode) with a transparency colour. Do you know if it's possible.

thanks for your reply


16th February 2006, 16:36
IMHO qt4 must support it

16th February 2006, 20:38
As general answer, yes it is possible.
From QColor (Qt3) docs:

The colors color0 (zero pixel value) and color1 (non-zero pixel value) are special colors for drawing in bitmaps. Painting with color0 sets the bitmap bits to 0 (transparent, i.e. background), and painting with color1 sets the bits to 1 (opaque, i.e. foreground).
And since QPainter uses QColor....

But its hard to answer exactly, your question is very broad.
Could you be more specific?