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16th February 2006, 17:44

I'd like to use the assistant and QAssistant to provide a help system in my QT4.1 application. However, helpdemo is awol and my feeble attempts at creating an ADP file have failed. I noticed in qt-interest that the same question was asked in mid-2005, and left unanswered.

Anybody knows?


Sébastien Loisel

17th February 2006, 14:22
Uhm, can't I get a clarification either way? Is QAssistant currently not usable as a help widget in my application for my custom help files?


Sébastien Loisel

17th February 2006, 14:33
Read about QAssistantClient i think it must be helpful for you :rolleyes:

17th February 2006, 16:32
Read about QAssistantClient i think it must be helpful for you :rolleyes:

I did. The problem is more basic than that.

I wrote a little .adp file and fired up assistant -profile myadp.adp, but the resulting assistant has nothing in the "contents", "index" and so on, and it doesn't load my startpage.

I thought I was probably doing something stupid, so I looked for helpdemo but it's not there. So I'm wondering if anyone else got this to work, or if it's not functional yet in QT4.1.0?

Thanks for the replies,

Sébastien Loisel

17th February 2006, 16:45
show your *.adp file :rolleyes:

17th February 2006, 17:01
This is my current ADP file. It used to be closer to the original one I found in the doc, but as it didn't work I started trying crazy things, including looking at the Assistant source code...

sh-2.04$ cat octave-gui.adp
<!-- -*-html-*- -->

I had an epic struggle with assistant -profile octave-gui.adp.

I lost.

<assistantconfig version="3.2.0">
<property name="name">OctaveGUI</property>
<property name="title">Octave GUI</property>
<property name="startpage">./html/manual.html</property>
<property name="aboutmenutext">About Octave GUI</property>
<property name="abouturl">./html/contact.html</property>
<property name="basepath">./html/</property>

<dcf ref="manual.html" title="Octave GUI">
<!-- <section ref="install.html" title="Installing Octave GUI"></section>-->
<section ref="using.html" title="Using Octave GUI">

<keyword ref="using.html#starting">Starting Octave GUI</keyword>
<section ref="using.html#mainwindow" title="The Main Window">

<keyword ref="mainwindowfilemenu">File Menu</keyword>
<keyword ref="mainwindowfilestab">Files tab</keyword>
<keyword ref="mainwindowinputtab">Input tab</keyword>

<section ref="editing.html" title="Editing .m Files">

<keyword ref="edit.html#editwindowfilemenu">File Menu</keyword>
<keyword ref="editwindoweditmenu">Edit Menu</keyword>
<keyword ref="editwindoweditarea">Edit Area</keyword>
<!-- <section ref="contact.html" title="Contact"></section>-->

<!-- <section ref="html/manual.html" title="How to use Octave GUI">
<keyword ref="./manual.html#installdocs">Install Docs</keyword>
<keyword ref="html/manual.html#onlydoc">Example Profile</keyword>
<keyword ref="./manual.html#hide">Hide Sidebar</keyword>
<keyword ref="./manual.html#openqabutton">Open</keyword>
<keyword ref="./manual.html#closeqabutton">Close</keyword>
<keyword ref="./manual.html#display">Display</keyword>
</section> -->

Edit: you can view the html directory here:

Edit 2: The Hello World of adp would probably solve my problem.