View Full Version : how to write application which retrieve email from INBOX

4th June 2007, 13:00
helo my application requirement is given below.

i ahve one pc which is running on fedora core 6 .
there is a Email account of my name for example
what ever email comes from other domain via our main server.
now i want to develope appication which continously watch mail box of my pc that there is a new mail comes or not and if new mail comes then retrieve that email from inbox
and write into some buffer
is this possible or not
and if possible then give me some tips
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4th June 2007, 14:08
Please don't double post.

4th June 2007, 14:10
You have to query the POP3 server periodically for your mailbox listing, so the application has to implement at least part of the pop3 protocol. Another question is why reinvent the wheel? There already exist applications that do such things.