View Full Version : QWT fails in debug build

7th June 2007, 11:48

I have found that if I build QWT in release build and my application is in debug build, any calls to create any of the QWT objects exits my application.

I have found that if I rebuild QWT in debug build it works, or if I build my application in release build it works. Has anybody else had this problem?


11th November 2011, 06:53

I believe that you must build a release build of your Qwt libraries to use it in an application built for release, and the same goes for debug (build Qwt for debug if you want to debug build your application). Qwt must be built the same as your application, if I recall correctly.

So basically, that problem is normal and is to be expected. Windows does not like letting debug and release libraries play together.


Edit: Woah. Just realized how old his post is. Oh well. Hopefully someone else will benefit from this.