View Full Version : G3D with Qt 4?

19th June 2007, 14:59
I'm new to this forum, and I'm beginning to like Qt 4 a lot for building interfaces.
Very nice indeed, and the nicest is that I can reuse all the little widgets I'm putting together. Next is OpenGL, which is a different beast.

Qt 4 has integration with OpenGL, I looked at the examples,
but I'm looking for something that makes work on 3D visualization
easier, and am considering to use the G3D graphics library, which is built on
top of OpenGL.

The important question is: Can G3D be easily integrated with Qt 4? I have no
experience what so ever with G3d, but it looks quite attractive. So, more
specifically: can G3D software be used in conjunction with the QtOpenGL module?

I hope someone who knows about G3D has a simple answer to this, it might
save me a lot of frustration!

Thanks for any advice,


3rd November 2010, 19:18
Well, this is an old thread, but I'm dredging it up as it is the reason I stumbled across this site. (First post; greets to all!)

So, has any progress been made in the last several years on this specific? I'm very eager to learn more about developing 3D applications using Qt, & am also impressed with the G3D engine.

Thanks for any replies,