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30th December 2011, 18:25
Hi Everyone. I've been lurking for the past 6 months as I develop my first QT application and wanted to finally sign up, say 'hi' and thank send a general 'thank you' to the entire community. Probably two-thirds of my Google searches for QT-related questions ended up sending me here and the questions/response were always helpful. Hope to help contribute and give back!


13th January 2012, 22:57
Hi:) I just want to say 'hi' to all of us.

Greetings from Poland.

21st January 2012, 14:59
Hello everyone, I'm from Bulgaria and I'm using for maybe 2 years now. I think this is one of the best places to look for info. Greetings.

22nd January 2012, 14:39
I am new to Qt programming, and will need some help from you.

Thanks a lot.

2nd February 2012, 16:55
Hi, Qt center.

17th February 2012, 14:40
Hello QT members i am new to QT.and i have a question but i don't know whether it is correct place for this kind of question or not so i apologize in advance.My question is that what are the new features for cross platform development using C++ planned to be part of QT-5 as i have heard that the developers are limiting C++ or they are providing an alternate to C++ in Qt5..so if anybody here would clear these points????

9th June 2012, 04:07
Hi All,

I am really new to this group and I am mostly working with PyQt. I hope I can talk about PyQt also here right ?

Thanks Guys :)

9th June 2012, 10:21
Sure you can. Welcome!

28th June 2012, 02:37
hi All,

This is my first post on this forum ^_^
wish this forum will grow as positive way to the members.


22nd July 2013, 06:45
Hello everyone!

Hope to have many great discussions re: Qt. I'm new to Qt programming


i have created a registration form . my problem is after clicking submit button i want all the information which i typed in form 1 to form 2.. can any body help me


Code Farmer
8th November 2013, 04:37
Hello members of Qt centre.

9th December 2013, 23:50

16th December 2013, 05:15

I am new on this forum

10th February 2014, 02:41
Hello Qt-World...
First time using Qt and hopefully I can learn things from here..

30th July 2014, 16:16
guys i m nwe to qt and i m not able to understand the documentation of qt could you please help me in using qt commands classes and functions thanks.how should i start

9th September 2014, 06:11
Dropping in to say G'day. I've been using Qt for about 3 years but newbie to this forum :)

15th November 2014, 04:30
Hi everyone.

My name is Cornelius. I'm studying BSc Computing @ UNISA (University of South Africa).
Looking forward to learning Qt and engaging in conversations on this platform:)

26th November 2014, 10:30
Hello all!
My name is Alex. I am studing in MGU(Moscow, Russian) and I want to learning Qt and engaging in conversations on this platform too.

28th July 2016, 02:21
Greetings from Tokyo, Japan!
My name is Yami, I prefer to call myself an "adult girl", because "woman" just sounds so old...

I've started using Qt5, because I want to return to the OS I have been using since I ever touched a PC: GNU/Linux (well, the first OS I have ever used was actually MS-DOS, but all I had on it, was a text editor).
However, instead of going back to Debian specifically, I'll use Arch Linux, which I prefer now (and run on some of my computers already).
All tools I use in my daily life are Windows-only, but luckily, most of them are open source, so re-writing them in Qt5 wouldn't be as much of a problem, I think (maybe it will be, since they're all made in Visual Studio, in C#).

15th November 2016, 17:01
Hi everyone!

25th June 2017, 12:02
I've registered today in this forum and am glad to meet you Qt friends here.

21st May 2019, 08:45
Hi everyone. Thanks for accepting me here. I'm a newbie programmer and I am hoping by joining I will gain more understanding about QT Programming and make friends with programmers too. :)

23rd May 2019, 08:42
Hi all, i started the Qt dev 10 years ago then i switched to others langage (Swift, Obj-C, .Net, ...). I'm happy to work again with Qt.

12th October 2019, 10:59
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5th December 2019, 06:45
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21st June 2020, 12:14
Hi all, i started the Qt dev 10 years ago then i switched to others langage (Swift, Obj-C, .Net, ...). I'm happy to work again with Qt.

We are very glad that you returned to us !!!
I wish you success in your endeavors!


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