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18th February 2006, 14:40
I'm new to this forum and also new to qt.
I need to write an application to operate on images (drawing, scaling, rotating, masks, filters, etc.). All the operations have to be performed by code I write, no built-in routines allowed.
Last year I programmed some code for graphic routines in c++ builder, using TGraphics::Bitmap and pixel operations with scanline(). Now I need to code this in Qt.
I'm completely new to this enviroment, but I already managed to install it and get familiar with widgets, slots and signals and some other mechanisms.
Could anybody show me some useful links to articles/tutorials about graphic operations?

18th February 2006, 15:09
Welcome to the forum.

You could read the docs using "qt assistant" or a web browser :

http://doc.trolltech.com/4.1/qt4-arthur.html is an article describing the basics.

there are lot's of examples too. Use "qtdemo" to look at working programs.