View Full Version : using .gif or .mng ?

27th June 2007, 02:08
I'm trying to create a chat dialog with HTML text display.

Something that troubled my mind is there is no support for .gif, I need it for smileys animation on that chat dialog.

The manual says I have to recompile Qt, and add support for gif. Since this is quite an effort to recompile & reconfiguring everything.
I need to know why Trolltech prefers .mng over .gif ? :confused:

Because when I use .mng on QTextBrowser, there is no picture / animation displayed, I think this is because the HTML doesn't support .mng. Even only very few internet browser support .mng.

So what should I do ? Do I need to recompile Qt 4, is there any other way to use animation, besides QMovie ?
Because a QMovie could not be used on top of QPushButton.

27th June 2007, 07:23
If you want GIF support in Qt You have to reconfigure your qt with -qt-gif command because by default GIF support is not available in Qt.

27th June 2007, 20:40
I need to know why Trolltech prefers .mng over .gif ? :confused:

patented - Free
8bit colours - 24bit colours
1bit alpha - 8 bit alpha

Need I say more?

BTW. "HTML" doesn't "support" anything. It's a browser that has or doesn't have support for a particular file format.