View Full Version : qtopia on MIPS

29th June 2007, 12:47

i have MIPS processor board(DBAU1200) and i need to port qtopia PDA edition on it.i had compiled it and the qtopia image is created in the following directory:
qtopia-free-2.2.0/qtopia/image .

now i need to port it on the device. i tried the following procedure:

* tarred the $QPEDIR/image on the compilation host:
cd $QPEDIR/image
tar -cf qtopiaimage.tar qtopia-free-2.2.0/qtopia/image
* extracted the image on target device
mkdir /mnt/tmp
tar xf /mnt/tmp/qtopiaimage.tar.

Now i have got the image on the deivce.till now there is no problem(i suppose if my procedure is correct).but i dont know how to run it ? i mean in the host i compiled the same package,got the image directory.there will be the application" startdemo" and we can see the PDA DEVICE. but on the target device folders i can't see any thing like this ?

Is my procedure correct ? if no means can anyone provide me suggestions or solutions as to how to run qtopia on the device ? also what are the environmental variables i need to set ?

thanks in advance,