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3rd July 2007, 02:38
My first releas to manage && Back-up dns server setting...

I place on http://www.qt-apps.org/ Network / Tool


QDns Configurator import your hosts file direct from your cache/bind to configure and help you to write master or slave list file or fill master dir.
All setting stay on Sqlite3 DB, and you can export on other format, sql or file master and slave.

Help you to check and resolve domaine name, validator inside to configure a correct dns server.
Run on Window,Linux, mac. Copy your remote master or slave file to local path & indexes it, to stay on local db like a back-up, ( like bookmarks ) or to configure new setting.

Import from Bind8 & Bind9.
Can you help me to install djbdns? and i can also upgrade to import/export this file.
I say djbdns is the best way to manage dns .. but how to forward query?
I know only qmail and the installation method from http://www.shupp.org/toaster/index.php?page=toc&language=en ..