View Full Version : Glyph display using the opentype in the Qt4

Gaurav K SIngh
6th July 2007, 07:27
Hi All,
I would like to know, how the indic and thai scripting language rendered on the screen.In Qt4.3 code there is one macro used QT_NO_OPENTYPE in qscriptengine.cpp file.
There are various opentype files are available in code. So glyph display happen only because of opentype or font library takes care of glyphs.
I am asking this because there many scripting problems in the Qt embedded v 3.3.8 for devanagiri and thai language.Qt 4.0 has added special function like indic_shape.As far as my understanding goes all those scripting problem might be solved.
So i want to know is it bz of opentype or font library changes.Please find the piece of code.

static bool indic_shape(QShaperItem *item)
Q_ASSERT(item->script >= QUnicodeTables::Devanagari && item->script <= QUnicodeTables::Sinhala);

QOpenType *openType = item->font->openType();
if (openType)
openType->selectScript(item, item->script, indic_features);
QOpenType *openType = 0;