View Full Version : Call for developers and testers for ChessX

14th July 2007, 19:30
ChessX is a free chess database tool. It is a tool meant to manage, view and analyze big, small and huge (sometimes couple GB!) sets of chess games. ChessX is meant to be the next SCID. Currently it is at its 5th release. It is actively developed.

It uses:
Qt 4.2+ (and it is released for MacOS X, Windows and Linux almost simultanoulsy)
It covers development topics of:
desktop application
data visualisation (through the board, but it would be certainly useful to get some charting abilities)
loading and saving complicated (PGN!) file formats so it tackles pgn parser problem
interacting with UCI chess engines
thoughtful and aesthetic gui

ChessX needs developers and testers so don't hesitate to visits its home or project page accordingly at: chessx.sourceforge.net (http://chessx.sourceforge.net) and sourceforge.net/projects/chessx (http://sourceforge.net/projects/chessx) . Mind that mailing list are the place to look for contact with developers.