View Full Version : Custom Plug-in shows but layout is messed up

20th July 2007, 20:30
I am using QT4.3 under Windows.

I have built a QT Designer plug-in which for the moment is very basic.
It's just a slider in a groupbox in the middle of a form with a grid layout applied.

From within QT designer the form previews correctly and resizes as it should

I now have taken this .ui file and it is the basis for my plug-in.
My plug-in class calls the setupUi() for this ui file.

I copy the necessary files to the plug-in directory.
When I start QT Designer I see my plug-in.

If I now pull it onto a blank form, my slider doesn't even show up and the groupbox is only a small little rectangle up at the top. Resizing doesn't help.
It's also created with a minimum size of 16,16 which I did not specify when I created the .ui file.

I have not seen any examples where plug-ins were created using a .ui file as the base for the UI controls. They always seem to be coded.

Any ideas?


21st July 2007, 06:40
Could you post the UI file?
Seems like you forgot to apply some layout(s).


21st July 2007, 16:12
Here's the UI file. It previews fine in QT Designer.