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27th July 2007, 21:44
Hi there,

I would like to inform the community about a little library project that started out as a university research related project and matured into an open source project. It is basically a library of widgets for scientific/engineering applications with focus on excellent Qt designer integration and the goal to be "most easy to use" (targeting students who are just beginning with C++ programming and Qt). The library is not very large, but the widgets are stable and work IMHO nicely.

Let me know what you think, here's the link: http://qnanwidgets.sourceforge.net


Btw, these widgets have evolved from research projects and have changed a lot in design and usage. If I would have planned to write these from scratch in the way they are now, I would have probably buddied up with the guys from QWT widgets, but right now it's probably not an option any longer...