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22nd February 2006, 05:00

I'm trying to view a 3pages Html file in a QTextBrowser, itself in a QDialog.. and there are some problems with pictures display :
- selection of text destroy the picture on the side of this text
- scrolling distroy picture and there's no refresh unless you enter text (if its a QTextEdit) or resize the widget...

ie : after a fiew up-down and selections there's nothing left to see at the picture's place...

-a forced refresh isn't so great since images on the top, half on the page half out, are not displayed when making update()...

Does anyone already experienced that?

22nd February 2006, 12:40
QTextBrowser is not full-featured browser html renderer.
If you have complex html pages you'd like to have same view
as IE or Firefox you need to think about another solutions.
If you are using Windows you can use IE ActiveX component
to embed the browser. I used the solution and it works well.

23rd February 2006, 03:49
Well thanks!
But in fact I first just wanted to show a page with pictures and text on there side, it's not really like needing something huge, but I experienced those troubles with pictures display.. Seems that reimplementing the repaint() of the QTextBrowser, and the way it deels with images and refresh them could do, but I was wondering if there were not time saving solution..
I'm looking at how ActiveX are implemented and it seems to big an implementation for my little help page, morever the soft will run on machine where IExplorer is so bad. Maybe with a little simplist browser...

20th March 2006, 08:43
hi jey ,am newbie and wanted to view ur source code as am also working on html browser & also facing lots of problems in it so please mail me ur source code so that if i have some tricks then i can share it with u :) :) .