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2nd August 2007, 05:39
Hi All,

I enabled framebuffer in limux, Now i am trying to run QTOPIA sample application using -qws option like

./myapplication -qws

I am getting the error

solidFill_setup(): Screen depth 16 not supported!

I didn't get where is the problem? Please help me!

10th September 2007, 09:12
I bet when you were running the configure script and were prompted to enter a screen depth, you entered 32, assuming that if it was 32 it would support all lower depths? You need to run configure again and use the default (8,16,32) by just pressing return when prompted.

Good luck,

26th September 2007, 06:47
thank you very much for ur reply,
Now its working,

7th March 2008, 12:47
Hello Every body,
I have cross compiled Qtopia application and downloaded into Simputer(Arm) .
Iam trying to run ./myapp -qws but it is giving the following error
solidFill_setup(): Screen depth 16 not supported!

I choose the default settings while configuring qtopia though it is returning the same error.

Please help me.
Thanks in advance.