View Full Version : PDF rendering in embedded device with Qtopia

2nd August 2007, 18:23
I'm using Qtopia latest version to build a software on an embedded platform . I would like to be able to render a pdf file in, let's say, a QPixmap so the user can read the pdf. Has any of you ever did something like this ? If so how did you do it ?

Thanks !


3rd August 2007, 21:45
There are a few commercial pdf viewers out there, but no library, as far as I know.

Maybe you could do something with xpdf. I assume you need only a limited viewer (not the whole pdf functionality,as stated in the specification ), therefore you will have to strip xpdf of some functionality.

But this is just a suggestion, assuming that you don't need it right away. Porting xpdf can be quite a heavy task.

EDIT: you can take a look at this post:
Especially the links Patrick posted in post #1.
They might prove useful and spare you of some extra work.