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5th August 2007, 00:03
Hi Guys,

First of HI to everybody!! this is my first post in this forum....

I am developing some user interface using Qt and I want to plot some ( 2D plot) some sensor reading against time. I have no idea what to use in plotting....any suggestions is very welcome.

I am thinking of making a plotter widget myself but i guess thats is too much work and many bugs to follow... there must be some library somewhere that i can use with Qt for plotting..

totally confused but won't give up,

5th August 2007, 00:05
Yes there is such a library. It is called Qwt.
See this link: http://qwt.sourceforge.net/class_qwt_plot.html


5th August 2007, 16:01
I agree. qwt is the way to go, although the documentation is not great.