View Full Version : Qt compilation windows with g++

6th August 2007, 04:22
I have a problem compiling Qt's programs under windows from the cmd line in windows XP. I'm using Qt 4.3.0 evals version. To test Qt I use the simple hello world example. Compile using qmake -project and then qmake -spec win32-g++ . I check the makefile and the right path for the g++ lib is there. When I type make to generate the exe file I get an error messange:
"Makefile:66: *** multiple target patterns. Stop."
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

6th August 2007, 09:40

Maybe you've compiled Qt for/using a different compiler than g++?


14th August 2007, 14:22
You check the version on MinGW in your system. I think you need to update the MinGW in your system. Please google it in net. :) . Because I am not remember the link. After that you search " qmake.exe" in your system. Copy the qmake.exe from your QT directory to then MinGW folder, before you take a copy of the old one. And you set the PATH vriable as proper. I am sure that, these three things are your probs.
You first check these three things.