View Full Version : anyone used sata/ide to usb converters on Linux?

31st August 2007, 12:41

Has anyone used these SATA/IDE to USB converters on Linux?
Do the attached HDD/CD/DVD drives work as normal?
What brand/model do you recommend?


31st August 2007, 15:23
I did use few models with ordinary HDD drives without any problems, but I don't remember their names.

The most of functionality is implemented by a single chip, that you can buy from most IC producers which do USB chips, so there shouldn't be any problems with funtionality (vendors only have to connect everything together and add a casing). Although some HDDs might need more power than USB can give to a single device, so it's better to have a converter with external power source. I don't trust the ones with additional USB connector, because they abuse the standard.