View Full Version : installing Qt for Windows in XP

25th February 2006, 08:32
I am a new comer to Qt .I have worked a little bit using Qt Designer iin linux.In that it self i am not femiliar with Qt programming without the designer.
i would like install qt in my windows XP . I downloaded the Qt4.1.1 file and tried to install but there was some error regarding the qmake. pls help

25th February 2006, 08:45
We can't help without knowing what the error was.

25th February 2006, 10:37
we have given the command
configure-platform win32 -g++
this asks for a liscence agrement and given yes

it works but at the end there is an error message in creating qmake

make<e=2>:system cannot find the specified file
mingw32- make : *** [project.o] erro2
building qmake failed,return code 2

pls help

25th February 2006, 18:49
Could we see some more output? This doesn't seem a complete error report.

27th February 2006, 14:58
It seems that you have not installed mingw...