View Full Version : SXEMonitor log format

22nd September 2007, 19:12
In the file src/tools/sxemonitor/sxemonitor.cpp is written :

The sxemonitor carries out its duties by monitoring a log file (usually /var/log/messages)...
Those log entries which are security related will have a have a tag, _SXE_, as part of the entry. A security log entry will look similar what is shown below.

Oct 5 12:49:12 troll local6.err qpe: _SXE_ 1242 DefineCursor

At present, the only useful pieces of information in the log entry is everything that comes after the _SXE_ tag...

but reading the complete source code the string "_SXE_" is never used.
Is this tag obsolete? What's the current log format?