View Full Version : I need a project opinion.

25th September 2007, 09:41
I am an university student and this year is my last year.This year we have to study a project.I want to make my project using Qt or Qtopia.But in our school qt-qtopia is not so familiar.
{For three months I have worked a qtopia project in a company.Because of that I want to learn this framework well.}

We can give our project suggestions to teachers and I have to give next week.I talked with one of them and said me to find a project.
I will study on this project during 8 months and will study alone.
So can you help me finding a project opinion?Thanks.

25th September 2007, 10:14
What kind of help do you expect from us? How complex should the project be and what topics are you interested in?

25th September 2007, 11:21
My first problem is opinion.I need a project opinion."Help" mean was this.
This project will take 8-9 months duration.And I will study alone.
{We have some alternatives.But in these projects are usually about hardware.}

25th September 2007, 11:29
Ok... so what do you mean by "project opinion"? Does this term have a special meaning for you?

25th September 2007, 14:16
Of course no.It is only my english lack.There is no a special mean of term.
Term:I am looking a project or project idea for studying during school season.

25th September 2007, 14:29
But what is the course about?

As a general idea related to hardware you could for example implement a visual logical circuit designer and simulator. But you should really give us some directions on what would you like to do. Our interests may be completely different than yours.

25th September 2007, 18:54
My future ideal is being a system engineer.So I want to start this job from now.I will get this season micro controllers lesson too.So can anybody give me some project subjects?