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Gopala Krishna
28th September 2007, 18:44
Hi guys,
I don't actually want to start yet another flamewar on this topic.
Actually i will be having some time in the next month and i thought of learning a new language. Python was my first choice but i read an article in a magazine about Lua and found that a bit interesting. And to confuse me more, the choice of ruby also sprung up in my mind.
Now i am totally confused so thought i can take help of you people in taking decision.

I want to learn a scripting language to aid me in programming (to modify/refactor code) and also test some ideas (mostly involving qt) rapidly. If you recommend me some , please also recommend me a good book to start. I do have some good c++ programming experience with qt currently.

28th September 2007, 19:29
In a situation when you want to prototype Qt apps, I'd suggest Python. About books... well... go to Amazon and tap in Python + Qt.

28th September 2007, 20:42
Python is a very nice language, but I think that Ruby offers more (especially when comes to philosophy). On the other hand, Boost.Python and PythonQt are big pluses for Python (it's possible to embed Ruby as well, but AFAIK there is no ready-made solution available). I've never tried Lua, but I've read an article praising it in recent Software's issue, so it might be worth a try. The only problem is that Qt bindings for Lua seem a bit unmaintained. Anyway if you want to use dynamically typed languages for something serious, learn TDD first. Books and tutorials for all three languages are available on-line on their home pages.

Gopala Krishna
29th September 2007, 21:07
Thanks for answering.
I have decided to learn python since it has more inclination towards qt when compared to others. :)

29th September 2007, 21:15
I'd say its bindings are just more mature. Python is really similar to C++ so you might want to try some other language if you want to learn something completely new. But still I say Python is the best choice in the general case.

13th October 2007, 14:54
I'm working with lua bind, and say that is a very competent library. Like all, the best choice depends a lot of your personal style and of your objective. But i recomend learn something of lua.

Experience is always welcome.:)

Gopala Krishna
13th October 2007, 15:05
Python seems to be good and easy to learn..
But somehow Lua still is in my mind, i'll try to learn in the weekends atleast.

Has anybody integrated Lua scripting with their application ? If so how do you find it ?