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1st October 2007, 14:51
Hey, ive recently got Qwt to work inside of Qt. Now i want to study the examples that are given with Qwt so that i can make my own 2D graph.
i have two files:
- simple.cpp
- simple_plot.pro

I want to run these programs so that i can see what they look like. Do i need to convert them to a python file first? How do i do that, which command do i use?
thanks a lot.

1st October 2007, 21:54
Qwt is a C++ library, the examples are C++ code. You need to install a C++ development environment and have to compile and link the Qwt examples before you can execute them.

But maybe you are looking for PyQwt (http://pyqwt.sourceforge.net). It offers Python Bindings for the Qwt library.


2nd October 2007, 08:47
I am indeed looking for PyQwt, which should be installed already.
So how should I go about installing/opening these examples?
Is it something similar to converting .ui Qt files into .py codes:
pyuic form.ui > form.py

2nd October 2007, 10:26
Ok so i managed opening them!
But now they are in C++ code, how can i get it to python code, ive never had c++ and it is different!

2nd October 2007, 16:46
AFAIK PyQwt comes with it's own examples, that are written in Python. This is what you are looking for.

I'm don't know if these examples are included in the PyQwt package you have installed. If you don't find them look at the PyQwt project page.

I'm the author of Qwt, but I never used the Python bindings myself. So for further question better ask Gerard ( the author of the bindings ) on the PyQwt mailing list.


4th October 2007, 13:48
Ok thanks a lot!
I found the examples and they are a great help!
thanks again.

24th November 2008, 12:56
Hello folks,

I just joined as I am looking for help compiling on Mac OS X (10.5).

I have compiled the examples using xcode and using the command line Make.

Both ways, the program successfully compiles, but when I run it crashes with the following error on the command line:

dyld: Library not loaded: libqwt.5.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/sal/Downloads/qwt-5.1.1/examples/simple_plot/../bin/simple.app/Contents/MacOS/simple
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

So, if any of you have any links that I can go check out, please let know.

// Sal

6th August 2011, 04:07
i Think program unable to find the path..Try to look for the path settings(LD_LIBRARY_PATH)