View Full Version : to set date and time in the file info of two days back

11th October 2007, 15:50
hi all
i am working on QT4.1 on MAC
i having a problem with the date and time parameters
by using QFileInfo i am geting the last modified or creation date and time
but it is setting it the current creation and modified date and time
but i want to set the date and time of 2 days back or given by user
means i want to show the date and time of 2 days back in file ->get info

so i want to know how it can be done using QT4.1 ??is it possible with QT or is it the function of Mac API's ???

thanks in advance

11th October 2007, 17:54
As far as I know you can't alter file attributes using Qt API, you can only retrieve them.