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21st October 2007, 18:52
Hi guys,

I have the following problem:

Whenever i try to call the renderText() function of my QGlWidget, i get an:

centaur: indirect_vertex_array.c:1359: __indirect_glTexCoordPointer: Assertion `a != ((void *)0)' failed.


I am stuck up! Is this a problem with my opengl version or graphics driver??

Thank you in regards!

22nd October 2007, 06:22
Can we see the code?

22nd October 2007, 21:04
Here is a very small example of code that crashes...

void OpenGLArea::paintGL()
renderText(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, "Test text");

void OpenGLArea::resizeGL(int width, int height)
glViewport(0, 0, width, height);
glOrtho(-2, 2, -2, 2, -100, 100);

22nd October 2007, 21:30
Please in the future put your code into Code brackets so we get syntax highlighting.

I doubt this is causing your crash, but you need to load your matrices with the viewport and ortho. You need to be in the GL_PROJECTION matrix before calling glOrtho and you need to be in the GL_MODELVIEW matrix when you call glViewport. See if getting your matrices set up correctly helps solve the problem.