View Full Version : renderPixmap and texture

1st March 2006, 07:54
Hello, everyone!
The problem is

in a QGLWidget I draw a transporant figure applied with a texture. I see my picture on the screen in the way a desire but when I save the picture into a png file by calling renderPixmap I do not observe there any texture on the surface of the figure, just the plane surface with the color I set for the figure and the figure does not lost its transparence.

Suppose I need to set one of QGLFormat properties but I don't have any idea wich of properties to set up after having read QGLFormat description.

I use QT3.3.5 on Windows XP platform and C++ compiler from Visual Studio Net 2003.

2nd March 2006, 12:13
Everything's fine. A texture loaded once is out of assuarance to be accessable later. It's o'key if program is in the loop of any process but if it has been interrupted by another process (like openning saving window, for example) earlierloaded texture can be lost. So everything I do is just checking for the desirable texture to be accessable.