View Full Version : Line Edit Controll problem

30th October 2007, 07:06
I am using Solaris 10 and Qt 3.0.3. I have developed a simple application having single control named " Line Edit".

When i run the application; there is no problem and i can enter text into "Line Edit".

But when i start solaris 10 in failsafe mode and then try to execute application then application starts successfully but i cannot enter text into "Line Edit".
Please tell me how can i modify application that "Line Edit" receive text when application running in failsafe mode. Please help me.

30th October 2007, 09:25
Do other widgets (like QTextEdit) work properly?

30th October 2007, 10:50
yes other widgets like QButton work properly.

30th October 2007, 15:19
Buttons are not meant to enter text. Does QTextEdit work? Does Designer work properly?

31st October 2007, 05:39
Qt Designer does not work properly.

But other applications like gedit work properly.

31st October 2007, 09:33
I'm asking about Qt based ones. Does QTextEdit work? What exactly does Solaris failsafe mode do?