View Full Version : Qt4 on Centos 64 m/c

31st October 2007, 23:39

I have installed Qt on Centos-64 bit m/c
and trying to compile my qt application code on that.

But I am getting like "bad register" type
of errors.

Flags settings in Makefile is appearing as follows:

CFLAGS = -m64 ...
CXXFLAGS = -m64 ...
LFLAGS = -m64 ...

INCPATH = -I$QTDIR/mkspecs/linux-g++-64 ....

Please can anybody tell me
what parameters needs to be set to compile it on 64 bit.

I have compiled the same code on 32 bit m/c
and it has worked (Qt was also installed on 32-bit m/c only).

22nd November 2007, 11:32
Isn't it a problem with the compiler and not Qt? Does configure correctly discover you are using a 64 bit system? You shouldn't need to set any evironment variables yourself.

22nd November 2007, 16:22
If you use qmake, check whether the QMAKESPEC environment variable has correct value (if it's set) and where does mkspecs/default link points to.