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1st November 2007, 19:24
QToolBar location changed - how to modify QToolBar's children when the toolbar's own ToolBarArea is changed ?

Do you know a signal similar with QDockWidget::dockLocationChanged()
but for QToolBar on Qt 4.3.2 ?

Q3MainWindow::toolBarPositionChanged() would do, but I really don't
want to use old code.

Thank you.

1st November 2007, 19:47
QDockWidget::dockLocationChanged() was added just recently, to Qt 4.3. Trolls should have added similar signal to QToolBar as well. I suggest sending a suggestion to Trolls via task tracker (http://trolltech.com/developer/task-tracker) (unless there already is such suggestion filed).

3rd November 2007, 07:08
I hope this is the one you are looking for

void QToolBar::allowedAreasChanged ( Qt::ToolBarAreas allowedAreas ) [signal]


3rd November 2007, 12:17
no, it's not. that signal is triggered when the ALLOWANCE is changed, and that is not necessarily when the position has changed. I'd already tried it out and it results in a funny (inconsistent) behaviour. I've already submitted a report to Trolltech. Their Answer:

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Hi Aspra,

On Thursday, 01. Nov 2007 20:14 bhavacakra@gmail.com wrote:
> Short description:
> QDockWidget::dockLocationChanged() for QToolBar
> What I did:
> Inconsistent API, there's no way to handle QToolBar when it's changing
> its position inside a QMainWindow, as opposed to QDockWidget, which is
> possible via the signal dockLocationChanged().

Thank you for your report. I do not agree that this is a bug as such,
but I have passed the information on to the development team as a
suggestion. I created task 186074 in the process, and you can use this
ID to follow the status of the task online at:


Kind regards,

Stian Thomassen, Support Engineer
Trolltech ASA, Norway

So lay back and wait :-)