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2nd March 2006, 04:02
I'm currently using QT3 comes with the KDE3 with Mandrake Linux. Now I want to Update it to QT4. Can anybody tells me how to do it.

2nd March 2006, 09:00
Did you search the forum for solutions? Did you read the installation document which comes with Qt4? What did you do at all?

5th March 2006, 19:18
You don't install Qt 4 over Qt 3. KDE currently relies on Qt 3, it simply doesn't work with Qt 4.

So just install Qt 3 and Qt 4 side by side.

8th March 2006, 07:50
I think that you have kde 3.x and have qt3.

So your paths are ok to work with qt3.

So the problem appear when you install qt4 when you have already qt3.

Yo need download qt4 and follow the instruccions.

But stop when the install instructions talk about the path definition.

This is the real problem, when you write qmake in the console inside your project directory
but what qmake your call the qmake from qt3 o qt4.

so i am not expert but why you dont modify your .bashrc and when you want to use qt3 comment the path for qt4 and viceversa when you want to use qt4.

you maybe can do a script to do this easier.

Or anybody knows something better?

8th March 2006, 11:39
I have done the following to use Qt3 and Qt4 side by side

setQt4 is an alias defined in my .cshrc file which sets QTDIR to point to the Qt4. When I use qmake I use an alias for Qt 4's qmake i.e. 'qmake4'. Another way to do this could have been to use the setQt4 alias to set the PATH.

Good luck, :)

21st March 2006, 14:29
why the hell are you using such ugly workarounds ? :confused:
on my Kubuntu 5.10 the default way :

make install

worked fine... :)

21st March 2006, 15:03
why the hell are you using such ugly workarounds ?
Do you use both Qt 3 and Qt 4 at the same time?