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    The Qt Ambassador Program has been running as a Beta exclusively on Qt Centre for a few months. We have received 85 applications and have so far accepted 30 ambassadors. Props to the CiMPLE project by Think Labs (a visual programming language for children to program robotic kits) for being the first-ever Qt Ambassador.

    What is the Qt Ambassador Program?

    The Qt Ambassador Program is a membership-only program that honors Qt development projects. All developers around the world who create products and projects with Qt are eligible to apply. Membership to the Qt Ambassador Program is free and based on your outstanding and innovative Qt project.

    Note: The Qt Ambassador Program is still in a Beta phase, so of course, there is a slight possibility that you may encounter certain kinks and quirks that need some ironing out. Make sure to send your feedback directly to qt-ambassador@nokia.com.

    Become a Qt Ambassador

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