• Win 10.000 EUR at the “Qtest Mobile App Port”

    From the announcement of this competition: “As developers of applications using Qt, you already know how great it is to work with – but how about on mobile platforms, such as Symbian and MeeGo? How would you like to take that step you have been wanting to take, but not been able to justify: Take your application from the desktop and bring it into the hand-held world via the Ovi store.
    Let this contest be the justification, with the possibility of a new phone or even 10,000 euros waiting at the end.”

    Since the announcement, it has also come to light that the competition is open to newly developed applications, and not just to ported applications. So, even less excuse now! Fire up your code editor of choice and get to it - you wanna win them monies, don't you?

    So, what are you waiting for? More details can be found at the original news post: http://qt-apps.org/news/?id=340
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