• RIP Dennis Ritchie

    It was just a few days ago when we learned about the death of Steve Jobs, now we hear about passing away of another great figure of computer science and IT world.

    Dennis Ritchie had great impact on computers as we know them today. The co-creator of the original Unix and, what is probably even more important for all Qt programmers all over the world, the person behind the C language, probably the first programming language learned by many of us and the direct ancestor to C++.

    Qt Centre community offers its condolences to everybody who knew him.
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    1. vikaspachdha's Avatar
      vikaspachdha -
      Great man indeed. May god bless him peace.
    1. sky's Avatar
      sky -
      R.I.P Dennis. Thank you Wysota.
    1. ommharidaas's Avatar
      ommharidaas -
      huge loss for the entire developer community. God bless his soul.
    1. havij000's Avatar
      havij000 -
      May god bless him peace.
    1. saman_artorious's Avatar
      saman_artorious -
      Thank you. My condolences to all unix and c lovers too.
    1. Harini's Avatar
      Harini -
      Thank you.May god bless him peace.
    1. adarshmatam's Avatar
      adarshmatam -
      May His Soul Rest In Piece...
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