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    1. Enoctaffie's Avatar
      Enoctaffie -
      Hi all, I am a novice programmer. I am learning using Qt4.7.0. I am exploring using QInputDialog. I want to remove the cancel button from the default QInputDialog and later make use of the cancel button to exit the application. my statement reads QInputDialog::getInteger(0, "Calculator", "Calculated value", 1, 1,10,1,0,0);
    1. Brandybuck's Avatar
      Brandybuck -
      I know I am very late getting to this question, but better late then never...

      QInputDialog is one of the pre-made drop-in dialogs. As such it is very hard to access functionality that was not exposed in the API. There are ways to access the cancel button and hide it, but it is not straight forward. It may be easier just to write a new dialog that provides the functionality you need. You could create one quickly in Designer.
    1. Xhosana's Avatar
      Xhosana -
      Hello guys i am new in programming , i am using Qt4 . I would love to know the basic first before grasping everything at once .In simple terms i would like to be assisted.
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