• ICS Announces Qt-Based Google APIs

    New Qt Clients Allow Easy Integration with Google Services Through Qt

    BEDFORD, MA, June 19, 2012 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the largest Qt® training and consulting partner in North America announced today that it has published a set of Qt and QML clients for Google APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow programs written using Qt to access a wide range of Google Services.

    ICS has published almost 20 Qt and QML clients for popular Google APIs making it easy to integrate the Google services users want into Qt and QML applications. Among the services now exposed to Qt/QML applications are:

    • Google Maps - embed Google Maps images or Street View panoramas without the need for JavaScript.
    • Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) - create, open, save and share files using Google Drive.
    • Google Calendar - search for events, manage existing events, and create new events.

    There are also APIs for Google tasks, shopping, and more. The clients are pre-built, freely downloadable, and ready to incorporate in an application.

    “Google has invested heavily to create a suite of robust, accessible and extremely useful services and encourages third parties to use them,” says Peter Winston, ICS’ President, “the Qt/QML clients we’re announcing today enable the entire Qt and QML development community easy access to those services, further supporting Qt’s position as the gold standard for cross-platform UI development.”

    The Qt/QML clients for each Google API are hosted as separate projects and can be downloaded from Google Codeâ„¢.

    Visit ICS' website for more detailed information about Qt-based Google APIs.
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