• Sign up now for Qt Developer Conference 2012, Berlin!

    Brought to you by KDAB in cooperation with ICS and KDE e.V., this 3 day event will have a terrific agenda of lectures, presentations, trainings and labs, focusing both on the latest technologies introduced with Qt 5, and the tried-and-true technologies in use today. The Qt Developer Conference aims to provide an excellent opportunity to meet peers, learn about new technology and developments in Qt, get market and ecosystem news and explore the services and product offerings available in the Qt environment.

    In line with past offerings, the first day of the conference will be dedicated to Qt training events covering a wide variety of Qt related topics for developers of all skill levels.

    The Qt Developer Conference takes place from 12th – 14th November at Café Moskau, Berlin.

    Sign up now at: qtconference.kdab.com
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