• Grand Opening

    Greetings, Qt fans!

    Two months ago the largest Qt community site - QtForum.org was sold to a person, who already owned some linux oriented sites. Based on our knowledge and comparing to what happened to other sites, we understood that he wouldn't be interested in maintaining high quality of the board, he's not even a Qt user.

    We tried to contact him in different ways, but in vain, so we decided to go our own way and host a new community site. Trolltech assured us of their support and helped organise everything. This time we will make sure Qt community has its own high quality board and whatever happens, it will stay that way.

    The site consists mainly of the forum, where you can ask and answer questions or simply chat on various Qt related topics, but there is also a place for publishing articles and tutorials about Qt. As we want it to be a community oriented site, everyone can take part in building the best Qt knowledge base.

    Although we decided to abandon QtForum, we don't want to abandon QtForum users, so we ask you all to follow us and have fun with our New Year present.

    We give you -- The Qt Centre, enjoy!

    Below is a copy of an announcement, we put on QtForum. It explains the situation a little more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

    Attention all QtForum users!

    Some of you might recall that nearly two months ago QtForum was off-line for a week and that later there were some problems with the database. Some of you might have also noticed that there were some strange links added to the bottom of the page at the same time and that QtWiki is still broken. Now, since the beginning of December, new users can't activate their accounts and post messages, because e-mail notifications don't work.

    Today the time has come to tell you the truth about QtForum and it's future (or rather lack of it).

    In the beginning of November QtForum was sold by the former admin to a man that uses nickname "Sigma" (it's the same person that took control over kde-forum.org some time ago).

    This was done without our knowledge, and we were just as surprised as might be the rest of you. Since the selling of the site, we tried getting in contact with the new owner/admin, but all our efforts to get any answer/reaction from him failed.

    As you can see from the mounting technical problems this site is suffering from (caused by the new admin himself), and since it's clear that the new owner does not pay any attention to the Qt community or to this forum and its needs, we, the QtForum moderators team, decided to open a new site, which will carry the original spirit of the Qt community.


    As of NOW, all of us, the moderators team (see below) will STOP ANSWERING TO QUESTIONS ON THIS FORUM/DOMAIN. Except for any questions about the current situation and the new site.

    With help from Trolltech we managed to create a new site,


    and we will transfer our online presence there, so we can continue to serve the Qt community as we did so far to our best abilities.

    We call on you and invite you to register in the new site, where we made sure, this mistake will not happen again. We hope to see you all at QtCentre.org.

    Signing off,

    yours truly -
    the QtCentre.org (ex QtForum.org) admin team
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