• KDAB releases KD Components Framework

    Hagfors, Sweden/Bangalore, India (Nov 04, 2008) - Klaraelvdalens Datakonsult AB (KDAB) and VCreate Logic (VCL) today released the KD Components Framework (KDCF), the initial commercial version of the award-winning Generic Components Framework (GCF). Packages can now be
    ordered from KDAB's website at www.kdab.com.
    Generic Components Framework is one of the winners of Qt Centre Programming Contest in 2007. Its quality and usefulness have been recognized by parties judging the participating projects, including KDAB developers. Now the originally OpenSource only project makes it into commercial world.

    KDCF provides developer tools to compose applications as collections of components, thus fostering good application architecture, design, and maintainability. In particular, KDCF supports loading of UI and non-UI components from shared libraries, UI merging and component configuration, component discovery, and ActiveX and KParts integration. "While Qt provides a terrific way of creating advanced user interfaces, designing the architecture of complex applications has traditionally been hard for many organizations. KDCF structures the application into a set of reusable, independently loadable components and encourages thus reuse of those components. This will make it possible even for smaller applications to achieve stable, extensible application architectures.", says Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, President and CEO of KDAB.

    KDCF is a proven solution and well-accepted in the Free Software world. With GCF, the objective was to introduce an open-source "robust component application architecture" into the Qt ecosystem. As a GPL library it offers value to free-software developers, who in-turn provide valuable feedback and code to make GCF even better. “Having adopted GCF within our own products and in the products we developed for our customers and after hearing feedback from the open-source community, it was clear that GCF would be immensely valuable to commercial software developers as well. We are very happy that KDAB is bringing GCF to the commercial world. Up-to now we were providing GCF as a GPL library and were licensing it for commercial use to customers that purchased consulting services from us. With KDCF, we are very happy that the product can now serve a much larger market.”, says Prashanth N Udupa, Founder and Managing Director of VCreate Logic. While GCF will continue to be available under GPL Version 2 and 3, commercial software developers can now leverage KDCF within their products.

    KDAB is extremely happy to provide developers with a turn-key solution for component development. For more information or to request a quote, contact sales@kdab.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    About KDAB:
    KDAB is the largest independent source of Qt knowledge worldwide and the global market leader in Qt services, add-on components, and training. With offices in Hagfors, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; and Houston, Texas, and additional representations and engineers in Denmark, France, India, the United Kingdom, and Romania, KDAB's selection of hand-picked top-notch developers has been helping its clients, such as German government agencies, the US Air Force, and companies like Nokia, Shell, Siemens, Schlumberger, Roche, Halliburton, and Boeing, with their Qt-based projects for the past 12 years. KDAB engineers contribute to European Union research projects, a variety of industry publications and present at conferences worldwide.

    About VCreate Logic:
    Committed to provide "visual meaning to concepts", VCreate Logic Private Limited develops products and offers technology services in area of 3D Visualization and multi-platform GUI applications. Our products – VTK Designer 2 and Generic Component Framework (GCF), have been used and appreciated by developers worldwide to create architecturally robust 2D and 3D GUI / Visualization applications. VCL offers technology consulting services to help develop 2D/3D visualization software based on Qt, GCF, VTK, VTK Designer and Open Haptics. Visit http://www.vcreatelogic.com for more information.
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