• Qt Potpourri

    The latest ICSNetwork webcast is now available for download at http://www.ics.com/icsnetwork. This month's topic is Qt Potpourri. We will present a number of lesser known, but useful Qt classes and features that you may have overlooked, even if you are an experienced Qt developer.

    Don't miss your chance to show off your Qt knowledge by entering our ICSNetwork Challenge Contest. This month's question is:

    The QSharedMemory class can be useful to implement inter-process communication (IPC). What other Qt module can be used for more sophisticated IPC, although it is currently limited to Unix platforms?

    For complete rules and deadlines, please visit http://www.ics.com/learning/icsnetwork_challenge/

    The winner will receive a set of five Qt development books -- and perpetual bragging rights!

    The next topic on the ICSNetwork will be What's New in Qt 4.6 and is scheduled for release in February.

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