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    Published on 12th April 2010 17:00
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    Nokia has launched the beta version of its developer recognition program, Qt Ambassador, exclusively on QtCentre.org. The Qt Ambassador Program is membership-only program that honors Qt developers and their projects. All developers around the world who create products and projects with Qt are eligible to apply. Membership to the Qt Ambassador Program is free and based on your outstanding and innovative Qt projects.

    Learn more about the Qt Ambassador Program and apply here: http://qt.nokia.com/qtambassador
    by Published on 5th March 2010 13:11
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    This Week in Qt is a new weekly ICSNetwork podcast series featuring current Qt news and events. This podcast features Mark Hatch, COO of Integrated Computer Solutions, and Justin Noel, a Senior Qt Engineer discussing the following topics:

    • DeclarativeUI (QML) is now known as Qt Quick
    • Qt Mobility API Goes Beta
    • Qt Webkit Goes Solo

    You can discuss this webcast on the dedicated forum sponsored by Qt Centre.

    by Published on 15th February 2010 17:54
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    The Smart Installer allows end users with legacy Symbian devices to install and run Qt applications making it possible for Qt developers to target hundreds of millions of existing Symbian devices. More details are available at: http://qt.nokia.com/developer/nokia-...er-for-symbian.


    A Qt 4.6.2-based port of Qt to Maemo 5 is now released and available for download. This port allows Qt developers to target the Nokia N900 and be future-proofed for upcoming Maemo platform releases. More details are available at: http://qt.nokia.com/products/platform/maemo.


    New APIs from the Mobility Project are also available (in Beta form) along with Qt 4.6.2. Seven new cross-platform APIs available for preview at Beta level of maturity, including navigation, bearer management and support for standard mobile functions such as contacts, messaging. More details are available at: http://qt.nokia.com/developer/new-qt-apis
    by Published on 15th February 2010 17:52
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    Nokia is pleased to announce the release of updates to Qt: the cross-platform application and UI framework. Also released are updates to the Qt Visual Studio Add-in and a new build of the Qt SDK.

    Customers will find the releases in their download areas. All new releases are also available for download from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads.

    Qt 4.6.2 includes bugfixes and optimizations made since the release of Qt 4.6.1. For detailed information, please consult the changes-4.6.2 file found in the packages, or browse the information contained in the Developer Zone at: http://qt.nokia.com/developer/changes/changes-4.6.2.
    by Published on 11th February 2010 10:17
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    The latest ICSNetwork webcast, What's New in Qt 4.6, is now available for download at www.ics.com/icsnetwork. This webcast presents an overview of the new features of the Qt 4.6.0 release, including the new version of Qt Creator and the Qt SDK. It also gives a brief overview of the new Qt Declarative UI released for Qt 4.6.0.

    Don't miss your chance to show off your Qt knowledge by entering our ICSNetwork Challenge Contest. This month's question is:

    What three new methods were added to the QVariant class in Qt 4.6.0?
    For complete rules and deadlines, please visit http://www.ics.com/learning/icsnetwork_challenge/

    The winner will receive a set of five Qt development books -- and perpetual bragging rights!
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